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Set of Top 3 (Rosemary, Lavender, Tea Tree) Essential Oils 100% Pure & Natural - Undiluted

Set of Top 3 (Rosemary, Lavender, Tea Tree) Essential Oils 100% Pure & Natural - Undiluted

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Experience the calming, energizing power of nature with this set of three 100% pure and natural essential oils. Enjoy the revitalizing fragrance of rosemary, the soothing scent of lavender, and the purifying aroma of tea tree oil - all at a discounted rate. Get the perfect blend for your home or for a thoughtful gift.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

A truly versatile oil, Tea Tree, essential oil holds many compounds and limitless applications. The Aborigines would apply the leaves directly to the skin for a cooling effect. Eventually, the knowledge of Melaleuca’s numerous benefits spread worldwide. Tea Tree oil is now frequently used topically for cleansing and rejuvenating skin, internally supporting healthy immune function and more.

Aroma: Woody, Earthy, Herbaceous, Spicy

Character: Beauty, Skincare, Anti-ageing

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary has a fresh, herbaceous, sweet, slightly medicinal aroma. An energizing oil, it may be beneficial for helping to restore mental alertness when experiencing fatigue.

Aroma: Herbaceous, Sweet, Woody, Strong

Character: Skincare, Mental clarity, Aphrodisiac, Uplifting

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil benefits include having a calming, relaxing effect. It’s considered a nervous system restorative and helps with inner peace, sleep, restlessness, irritability, panic attacks, nervous stomach, and general nervous tension.

Aroma: Floral, Sweet, and Fresh

Character: Skincare, Mental Clarity, Pain Relief, Soothing, Anti-inflammatory

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Customer Reviews

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Shaheryar Qazi

Excellent products and great customer care

Aqleema malik


Thanks for this great review!

Merium Paul
Amazing products

Bought the three in one for my hair
i made my scalp less oily any my hair feels bouncier than ever

Asad A

product quality is amazing. imported delivery. 100% satisfied with quality & service. Highly recommended for aroma therapy lovers☺

imran M

It's an excellent product with great presentation at reasonable cost