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Eucalyptus oil is available as an essential oil that is used as a medicine to treat a variety of common diseases and conditions including nasal congestion, asthma, and as a tick repellant. Diluted eucalyptus oil may also be applied to the skin as a remedy for health problems such as arthritis and skin ulcers.

It is also known as Roghan Safaida in Pakistan.

Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

1. Improves Respiratory Conditions:

Of all the essential oils, eucalyptus has been believed to be one of the most effective against a range of respiratory conditions, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, the common cold, cough, or the flu. Eucalyptus essential oil improves many respiratory conditions because it helps to stimulate your immune system, provides antioxidant protection, and improves your respiratory circulation. Plus, eucalyptus can help with sleeping when you are feeling congested and unable to breathe.

2. Relieves Cough:

Eucalyptus oil is one of the most effective essential oils for cough because it works as an expectorant, cleansing your body of the microorganisms and toxins that are making you cough and feel lousy. Eucalyptus oil also makes it feel easier to breathe when you’re feeling stuffed up and your nose is running. Eucalyptus makes it feel easier to breathe when you’re feeling stuffed up and your nose is running because it activates your nose’s cold receptors, and it even works as a natural sore throat remedy.

3. Improves Seasonal Allergies:

Components of eucalyptus oil, such as eucalyptol and citronellal, have anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects, which is why the oil is often used to relieve seasonal allergy symptoms. A study published found that eucalyptus oil not only exhibits antiseptic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties, but it may also have immunoregulatory effects. This can help to alter the immune response that occurs when the body comes into contact with an allergen.

4. Fights Infections:

Several studies show that eucalyptus oil and its main component, eucalyptol, have antimicrobial effects against many strains of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Eucalyptus can be used aromatically or topically to fight the microorganisms that make you sick. This is why eucalyptus oil benefits include its ability to boost your immune system. Eucalyptus essential oil can also be used as an anti-fungal agent against common fungal infections like candida and toenail fungus.

5. Reduces Pain and Inflammation:

A well-researched eucalyptus oil benefit is its ability to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. When it’s used topically on the skin, eucalyptus can help to reduce muscle pain, soreness, and swelling. A randomized clinical trial published inEvidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine investigated the effects of inhaling eucalyptus oil on pain and inflammatory responses after total knee replacement surgery. Patients inhaled either eucalyptus or almond oil for 30 minutes during rehabilitation on three consecutive days. Then pain, blood pressure, and heart rate scores were reported. Researchers found that pain scores on all three days and systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels on the second day were significantly lower in the eucalyptus group. This suggests that eucalyptus oil inhalation can be used as “a nursing intervention for pain relief.”

6. Alleviates Headaches:

Eucalyptus oil is one of the best essential oils for headaches because it may alleviate sinus pressure which can cause a lot of pain and tension. It also has invigorating properties that can boost mental clarity and promote the relaxation of tense facial muscles, which is helpful when you are suffering from a headache caused by stress or exhaustion. A 2011 randomized study found that eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. It can help to inhibit the formation of mucus in the airways and improve breathing for people with respiratory conditions, which can help to reduce headache tension that’s caused by sinus pressure.

7. Aids Wound Care:

Because of its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, eucalyptus works as a great tool for skin irritations such as wounds, cuts, burns, sores, and even insect bites. According to a review that evaluated the use of essential oils as an alternative medicine for dermatological conditions, eucalyptus oil has proven to be effective against blisters, boils, cuts, cold sores, insect bites, shingles, sores, ulcers, wounds, abscesses, athlete’s foot, and bacterial dermatitis. It has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties, making it a very powerful tool against a range of skin conditions. This is why eucalyptus oil was traditionally used as a healing ointment.

8. Improves Earaches:

Because eucalyptus oil works as an expectorant that helps to unclog your respiratory tract and has antimicrobial properties that help to clear up an infection that may cause fluid to build up in your ear canal, it can be used to improve ear infection symptoms and earaches. Use eucalyptus oil to improve earaches or pain that’s caused by the common cold or a cough, nasal congestion, a bacterial infection, seasonal allergies, or any other type of condition that’s causing the buildup of fluids in your ear canals.

9. Boosts Mental Clarity:

Eucalyptus oil has invigorating, soothing, and purifying properties, which is why it can be used to boost energy and mental clarity. It may help to clear your airways, allow more oxygen into your lungs and relieve brain fog. The research found that when a combination of eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, and ethanol was applied to large areas of the forehead and temples, the participants experienced increased cognitive performance. The essential oil blend also had muscle-relaxing and mentally relaxing effects.

10. Repels Rats:

Did you know that eucalyptus oil can help you get rid of rats naturally? It may seem like a surprising eucalyptus oil benefit, but a 2014 study published in The Scientific World Journals suggests that eucalyptus can be used in protecting an area from house rats. When the oil was sprayed in laboratory pens, the rats no longer consumed food in that area. In fact, researchers report that food consumption was significantly lower from the treatment side compared to the untreated side, which indicates a significant repellent effect of eucalyptus essential oil.

Note: Essential oils can be allergic to some people. If signs of allergies occur then discontinue use immediately and if the problem persists then consult a doctor. The best practice is to test 1 drop on your foot and let it be for 15-20 minutes, any signs of skin irritation mean you are allergic. Keep these essential oils out of children's reach and keep them out of your eyes and ears. If there is such contact with the oil then rinse well with water. Do not use it in times of pregnancy.

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