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Lanolin Pure

  • Maintaining Soft Facial Skin
  • Moisturizing Cracked Feet
  • Softening Callused Hands
  • Soothing Chapped Lips


Readily absorbed by skin, lanolin resembles skin’s own sebum. It is highly emollient and an effective moisturizer. It is cushioning and protects the skin.

Lanolin is an excellent moisturizing ingredient for dry skin, as it emulsifies water on the skin and holds it there; its cushioning, plumping effect is noticeable. It is a perfect ingredient for barrier creams, baby lotions and eczema creams. It creates a protective film over the skin, allowing it to function and breathe naturally.

Medical grade lanolin is used as an ointment base, as the skin easily absorbs it. It facilitates the delivery of any medicinal ingredient it carries.

Lanolin can be used as an ingredient to soothe itchy or dry skin, in balms and glosses to treat chapped lips, and in hair conditioners to protect and coat the hair


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