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Growth Promoting Hair Oil

Let's You hair Grow

Are you facing hair fall, split ends, dandruff, empty patches or gray hair issues?
Do you find hair strands on your pillow or in the shower drain?
Are these problems giving you nightmares?

  • If yes, you are at the right page!
  • Our new (140ML) Growth promoting hair oil may resolve all your issues in just 2-3 months, it has more than 20 active ingredients which improves your blood circulation in the hair follicles boosting your hair growth, reducing dandruff and grayness of  hair.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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umer r

good quality,work for me.

Asif M

excellent quality




not effected as much expectation but product quality fragnance is good and also control some amount of hair lose a good oil to use , seller chat responce is very good.

Habib D

My third purchase with Aroma Farmacy and now I become like their regular customer. Their products are nice and better with compare to others sellers (I am also trying some other sellers product for better comparison). I have some hair loss problem so decided to give it a try, I cannot say anything right now but will come back with a final conclusion after 2-3 months use. In the product description on Daraz, they mentioned 20 different ingredients mixed in this oil but on the bottle lable the mentioned ingredient oils are less than 20 so I dont know exactly how much ingredients are in it. Thanks.

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