Avocado Oil - Cosmetic Grade

Avocado oil is an incredible addition to your skin and hair care regime. It is not just suitable for cooking and to use in salad's dressings, but it has much more benefits than this. It is because of the presence of high minerals, antioxidants, vitamins A, B-5, E, essential amino and fatty acids, etc. Avocado oil softens the skin, delays the signs of aging, boosts skin's elasticity, promotes shine and luster for hair, and treats the anti-frizz problems of hair.

Avocado is one of the most nutritious fruits, but most of the Pakistani people are not aware of its significance. Maybe, the reason is that it doesn't grow much in Pakistan. But, thanks to the increasing trend of essential oils everywhere which came to Pakistan as well. People got to know about the Avocado Essential oil. Let's have a look at ten amazing benefits of Aroma Farmacy’s Avocado oil for the skin and hair which will disregard all your misconceptions relevant to it.

Benefits of Avocado Oil for your Hair & Skin

·        Delays the signs of Agins

Avocado Oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties along with the antioxidants which help in producing the elasticity to your skin. That's why it acts as an anti-aging agent.

·        Works as the best moisturizer

Avocado oil acts as one of the best heavy moisturizers in daily routine. It keeps your skin hydrated for a long time. It is a holy grail product for people having dry skin.

·        Treats rough and flaky skin areas

Avocado Oil works effectively on irritated, rough and flaky skin areas, especially of elbows and knee area. It also manages the itchy and chapped skin very smoothly.

·        Works as a Sunblock

Avocado Oil can also be used as a sunblock. It gives shield to the skin from the damage caused by harmful UV rays.

·        Works as a Body Lotion

Massage the Avocado oil as Body lotion thoroughly on your face, hands, legs, and all over the body after heating it for a few minutes.

·        Works as an effective hand cream

Dip your fingers in Avocado oil daily at the night time to get rid of hard cuticles. It helps in making your hands soft and supple.

·        Gives enough moisture to the hair

Avocado oil is non-greasy and structure-wise it's very light-weighted which makes it easier to get absorbed in the hair and the scalp. It provides enough moisture to the hair to avoid dryness and itchiness.

·        Promotes ultimate shine to the hair

Avocado oil keeps the hair shiny, lustrous and bouncy without any long-due haircare regime. Whether your hair has split ends or is brittle, it's a One-stop solution.

·        Helps in strengthing the roots of the hair

Dandruff problems lead to severe hair fall. The main reason is the lack of essential vitamins and minerals. For this reason, you need to make your hair game strong. Avocado oil helps in providing the vital nutrition to the scalp by making the strands strong enough.

·        Helps in repairing the damaged hair

Avocado oil helps in improving the damaged hair, usually caused by the UV sunrays which isn't beneficial at all. Nourish your hair by applying enough amount of Avocado oil to the hair. It also helps in avoiding the thinning and loss of hair.


So, give a try to Aroma Farmacy’s Avocado Essential Oil in this summer season to have flawless skin and lustrous, shiny hair.



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