Tea Tree Essentials Oil – A Wonder Solution For Your Skin Problems

June 20, 2020

Tea Tree Essentials Oil – A Wonder Solution For Your Skin Problems

For hundreds of years, if there is any essential oil that is still being used for similar health problems, it is Tea Tree Essential Oil. Ever wonder why? Tea Tree Essential Oil is so versatile in dealing with skin problems that it has become a natural alternative to chemical-laden skin treatments. From acne and dry skin to psoriasis and oil skin, Tea Tree Essential Oil heals it all.
Aroma Farmacy reveals the benefits of using Tea Tree Essential Oil which is why it is a Wonder Solution for your skin problems.

Skin Acne
One of the most common uses of Tea Tree Essential Oil is that it is a home remedy for skin acne. Add 5 percent of Tea Tree Essential Oil with any Carrier Oil (Non-comedogenic) and apply it on the skin with a cotton swab once a day to get an acne-free skin.

Makeup Remover
Add 1/4 cup of Argan Oil into 10 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil and sweep into your face with a cotton ball to remove your makeup and get a natural cleanse on your skin.

Dry Cuticles
Tea Tree Essential Oil is a proven healer of fungus and Lavender Essential Oil is a proven fighter of inflammatory skin. So, just mix both of these Essential Oils in equal quantities to soften and strengthen the dry cuticles.

Skin Sores
Skin sores are probably one of the most painful skin problems. But now you don’t need to feel pain from sores, just dip a cotton ball into the mixture of Tea Tree Essential Oil and Argan Oil and apply directly on the skin sores.

If you often experience dry, red, inflamed, and scaly skin, you may be suffering from Psoriasis. Psoriasis makes the skin feel pain, itching, and redness. Tea Tree Essential Oil is so rich in anti-bacterial properties that it greatly fights with the Psoriasis and makes the skin soft and beautiful.

Yeast Infections
Yeast infections are most irritating when it comes to the problems women skin experience. Researches proved Tea Tree Essential Oil directly affects yeast cells while Lavender Essential Oil disrupts test tube’s Candida. Just apply the mixture of both and Yeast infection will never come.

Skin Tags
Skin tags are harmless but they can affect the beauty as they are flesh-colored growths on the skin. Researches have proved the rich antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial properties are found immensely in Tea Tree Essential Oil which all are capable to remove skin tags.

Itching, dryness, pain, and most importantly frustration, that’s all that Eczema brings with itself. Mix a half cup of Coconut Oil with 20 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil to remove eczema and soothe skin. You can also take a Tea Tree Essential Oil’s mixture bath if you experience eczema on the whole body.
Looking for Pro Tip? Tea Tree Essential Oil is also very beneficial for hair care. It fights with dandruff and clear follicles. It also brings moisture to hair and prevents the excessiveness of oil in the scalp.

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