Diffuser Vs Humidifier: Which One To Use For Your Essentials Oils

Have you ever wondered what exactly the difference between these two terms? And which one of them is best suitable for you?

Here, we will cover-up everything very briefly.

What exactly the humidifier is?

Humidifier, as its name suggests, refers to something related to the humidity. It is a device helps to increase the humidity (amount of water present in the atmosphere) level to match the required amount, which is 30 to 60 percent relative humidity.

Who should use the humidifier and its benefits?
So, people living in the dry region use the humidifier. They generally use it to prevent dry-skin, nosebleed and snoring. Besides, it protects them from seasonal-diseases like flu and cold. Additionally, humidifier secure furniture-items that can get damaged and mold in case of low-humidity.

Should essential oil be added to the humidifier?

 The essential oil should not be used in the humidifier as it can damage the plastic part of it, and also it has no built-in method to shake the water and oil to mix them up.

Various types of humidifier

 There is a variety of humidifiers out there. A warm mist humidifier: it expels warm steam, an evaporative humidifier: it releases cool-vapors, an impeller humidifier: it takes out small droplets of water using the disc in it, and most popular ultrasonic humidifier: it secretes droplets using ceramic vibrating material.



What exactly the essential oil diffuser is?

 On the other hand, the diffuser is a device that is precisely used for providing soothing, calming, and relaxing effects.

 Who should use the diffuser and its benefits?




It relieves you from psychological stress and mental exhaustion. Apart from this, it gives you a better sleeping experience. Also, it minimizes the proportion of bacteria and fungi, and as a result, provides you a clean environment. 



Should essential oil be added to the diffuser?

 The essential oil is used to put into the diffuser, usually 5-8 drops. The diffuser has an internal function to mix the oil and water together, so it brings you a peaceful state of mind — also known as aromatherapy. 


Various types of diffuser


 There are several diffusers in the market. An evaporative diffuser: it uses only a few drops of essential oil to the filter, and provides you a fresh, sweet-smelling environment, a heat diffuser: it requires a few drops as well but disperse the aroma using heat, a nebulizer: it gets oil droplets added to the tube, and ultrasonic diffuser: it is the unique type of the diffuser that takes both water and oil, mix them, and releases tiny particles of them.

There are various essential oils to add to the diffuser. Every oil has its benefits, flavor, and scent. Your skin absorbs the floating steam releasing from the diffuser. So, the decision to include any oil into the diffuser based upon the choice meeting your taste, smell, and bodily requirements. 



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