Bring Calmness And Mental Clearity In Your Life Sandalwood Oil!

Bring Calmness And Mental Clarity In Your Life Sandalwood Oil!

In a tightly scheduled, hectic, and stressed daily life routine, we often look for solutions who can bring calmness and mental clarity in your life. But now you don’t need to look anywhere other than Sandalwood Oil. Sandalwood Oil has been used across the globe for centuries because of its life soothing health benefits.
Aroma Farmacy brings for you the secrets of Sandalwood Oil with which you can also bring calmness and mental clarity in your life.

If you’re the one who experiences trouble in getting peaceful sleep, add Sandalwood Oil in your life. Santalol is an active component found in Sandalwood Oil which not only reduces the TWT (total waking time) but also enhances NREM (total non-rapid eye movement which promotes sleep.

According to research conducted by researchers in Complementary Therapies Clinical Practice, it was found that Sandalwood Oil may help in reducing anxiety when used in aromatherapy applications.

According to the Japanese Journal of Psychopharmacology, the application of aromatherapy with Sandalwood Oil is found to be an effective treatment of Insomnia, thanks to its mild sedative effects and relaxing properties.

Mental Alertness
Sandalwood Oil is famous for its relaxing and soothing capabilities. However, it is also a great enhancer of mental awareness which is hard to believe considering its common properties. Research published in Planta Medica shows Sandalwood Oil triggers blood circulation, eye-blinking rate, and pulse rate all of which enhances mental awareness.

Hypertension has been found to be one of the major causes of increasing psychological problems. Sandalwood Oil is so powerful when it comes to healing psychological problems that it significantly reduces hypertension by controlling high blood pressure.

It is no secret that Sandalwood Oil reduces stress & anxiety and keeps the brain relaxed and focused. Due to control over brain focus and stress, it helps in boosting brain memory and concentration.

Different Essential and Carrier Oils have been studied to be beneficial for women-specific problems such as menopause. Sandalwood Oil is one of those natural oils which contains sesquiterpenols that is beneficial for calming the nervous system. The calmness of the nervous system may assist in preventing menopause symptoms.

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