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10 Things To Consider Before Using Essential Oils

Essential oils are out there for thousands of years, and people are naturally cured by using them through thick and thin.

Essential oils assist them not only to combat seasonal-diseases but also to ease their stress level and flourish the skin.

As essential oils are so concentrated and powerful, one should be well-aware of how to use them appropriately. Used properly and took preemptive measures, you can obtain the optimal benefits of essential oils and ensure safety from the hazardous consequences. 

Buckle up yourself and get ready to go through each of the 10 things for fully prepared using the essential oils

1) Never forget to dilute it

It is a rule of thumb to always dilute the essential oil with any other substance, more often than not, with a carrier oil to better absorb under your skin. Essential oils, without being diluted with carrier oils, can cause damage to your skin due to its high concentration. 

2) Make a spot test

Because the skin is the most sensitive part of our body, it is always better to do a test on a small spot of your body — preferably on your inner wrist before start using essential oil as normal to get an idea of how it reacts with your skin.  

3) Avoid using on the damaged part of your skin

Having any damaged part on your skin, try to avoid extending your essential oil to the given area unless doing it under the supervision or instructions of your dermatologist. Besides, avoid your essential oils get in contact with your eyes, nose, ears, or any private parts of your body under any circumstances for safeguarding yourself from any annoyance in the future. 

4) Never take essential oils orally

It is more important than anything else to never take essential oils orally. In case you are advised by your doctor to use it safely can be categorized under the exception, but as a rule, never do it on your own. 

5) Stay it away from the children 

As essential oils are so powerful, it is, therefore, highly recommended to keep essential oils away from the sight of your children because they are very sensitive and may face annoyance around essential oils. 

6) Keep it away from your pets

Essential oils tend to react with the body molecules for providing its essence. Though we humans have the potential to handle the essential oils, animals face a little difficulty dealing with them, so we should read the instructions first if any particular essential oil is okay with the pet you have. 

7) Put it in the dark glass bottle

Essential oils can damage the plastic over time, plus highly sensitive to direct sunlight, it is hence, necessarily important to store it in a dark glass bottle and stay the bottle away from direct sunlight.  

essential oil storage

8) Be cautious with photosensitive essential oils

Avoid your body being exposed to the sun after you apply the essential oils, especially those more reactive to sunlight, for example, bergamot and citrus oils, in general.

9) Make sure to avoid any flavor of it you are being allergic

Having been allergic to any fruit or food, chances are high you will be allergic to its flavor of essential oil as well. So, it is better for you to avoid any such essential oil for massage or aromatherapy as well.

10) Get to know the benefits of any essential oil

Last but not least you should be aware of the benefits of any essential oil you are going to purchase to deal with the issues you have. For example, chamomile is great to improve mood and relaxation, tea tree works best to fight infections and boost immunity, bergamot is essentially used to reduce stress and flourish the skin, etc. 

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